I’m not the person I think I am

I'm not the person I think I am - The Inner Self

Believing we are who we think we are is like the Sun believing it is the object it is illuminating at the time. During the day I’m identified as the Dad, Mum, boss, lawyer, neighbor, friend, son etc…and then generally at night I fall asleep and become the dreamer. When I’m the dreamer the waking world is not in my experience and I become fully identified as the dreamer until I drift into deep sleep. The resentment I created the day before was not present in my dream or in deep sleep, but suddenly upon awakening its there again to disturb me. 

Why is this? Because the Waker, Dreamer and Deep sleeper are three different states that ‘I’ Consciousness am observing and I am fully present and aware throughout all. During the day my senses are externalized and i’m receiving sensory data from the waking world, but when I am asleep, I pass into the dream state, where my senses become internalized and i’m now experiencing the dreamed world. From there I pass into deep sleep to which i’m still present and aware, but the mind, which the senses operate through goes back into me consciousness and I have nothing then to report.

 Just like the Sun I’m illuminating the three states and through a simple case of mistaken Identity I forget who I really am. Notice how consciousness never actually changes throughout the three different states, that’s why there is some consistency maintained moving from one state to the next. Otherwise we would wake up differently not knowing who we are from day to day. Therefore I can’t be who I think I am because that just doesn’t make sense. Have a lovely day 

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