Seeking Permanency in the impermanent April 18

Seeking Permanency in the impermanent April 18

Everything we do or try to obtain is in an attempt to create a state of happiness, contentment and security. We believe that its possible to win at the game of life if only we can get the right combination of objects. This idea is a no win game, but at times it seems to work and then all of a sudden we find ourselves with a sense of lack, so the search begins again. Often we believe in order to be happy we need to rid of an object that at a time was supposed to bring us happiness. What’s really going on? Why do many rich worldly people end up the most miserable amongst us all?

The answer is unfortunately you can’t win. No matter how much you try and how much you accumulate it just won’t work. 

See the truth is we only think we are searching for happiness, contentment and security. What we are actually searching for is freedom. Freedom from desire! Desire is an agitation and we can’t stand it. When it arises we want to be rid of it, but this is where the illusion takes place. When we desire an object and we pursue it, we obtain the object and then we feel happy right? We then start to believe that the happiness came with the object, because before the object we felt a sense of lack. 

What actually takes place is, arising from the subconscious is a desire, created from our past experiences and then we feel disturbed. The mind says I don’t feel whole so I must get this or get rid of that. So we do. Then on the completion of our pursuit the desire leaves us and our natural condition of peace and happiness seems to arise and we then appreciate the feeling to having come from the object. Tricky! This is for many a new way of understanding and may seem strange, but if you take this understanding and test it with your experience you will confirm that this is the case. The feeling of lack is just a superimposition. Like a cloud is superimposed onto the sky. The sky is always clear and free of clouds, but from our stand point it seems to be covered. The same is true for us. Thoughts, feelings and perceptions are merely a superimposition upon consciousness. 

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