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What is the inner Self? 

For most people the Self gets over looked. The Self is a term used to describe our true nature. Our essential being. In Vedanta the Self is termed Atman or Brahman and many others, but to keep it simple ill refer to it as the Self. The Self is limitless, existence and its nature is described in Vedanta as Sat-Chit-Ananda (Being-Consciousness-Bliss). The idea is that we have always been that, but through ignorance, we don’t know this, hence the reason we suffer. 

Suffering is a common human experience of course and for many a part of everyday life. Although it appears as if suffering is a results of people, places and situations and how these affect us, the truth is that ignorance to our true nature is the real culprit. I would describe it as a misappropriation of ‘I’. We all refer to our self as ‘I’, but what do we mean when we say ‘I’. Most of us consider ourselves to be the body/mind or if you will, the thinker and the feeler. Now because of the nature of the body/mind, in its ever changing, limited state, it causes us to feel limited and we base most of our beliefs and ideas about ourselves on this notion. We fear death, feel constrained by time, we look back into the past with regret and are overly anxious about the future.

The truth is though, that in order for us to know the body/mind, in its constant state of flux, there must be an unchanging principle to be able to witness the changing! That unchanging principle is the Self. We are that Self. This is not a new idea or philosophy. Its not a belief conjured up in the minds of men. Its completely verifiable through some basic Self inquiry. Its quiet obvious that throughout your life you have always been present as ‘I’ and have been a witness to the changes of the body/mind. That’s why you have always known your Self. If it wasn’t for an unchanging principle within your experience then you wouldn’t be able to reflect back on your life. Pretty simple really! The knowledge about this goes on and on and believe me Advaita Vedanta goes so much more in depth about reality and where both orders, the changing and the unchanging, fit into our experience. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more to be revealed very soon.  

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